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At TukTukPatrol.com, the gap between typical vacation videos and wild raw sex with real Thai chicks is perfectly bridged. The pussy hunts are embarked upon via the Thai “tuk-tuk”, an iconic 3-wheeled taxi that any visitor would use to get around Thai cities. Not just your average “boom-boom” videos, TukTukPatrol provides the rare experience of what it’s like cruising the streets for pussy in places like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and beyond.

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This is where all of this International pussy chasing started. TrikePatrol.com, the World’s ONLY porn-site that focuses primarily on real Filipinas in the Philippines. The idea is a simple one: average “joe-tourist” guys just like you, riding through the PI city streets in a 3-wheeled motorcycle (or “Trike” as it is called there) in search of unsuspecting Pinay chicks in need of a lift. What happens after that is what makes TrikePatrol truly special.

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